From the start I knew you were the best choice, because you got back to me with the answers to all the questions I asked in the email! It was crazy how you were the only one to actually address all my concerns and give me solid dates I could decide between! I’ve never done anything like this before, and you really walked me through the whole experience! You sent the welcome packet full of wonderful information on what I should wear and (most importantly to my mom) some basic costs outlined for us. Ashley did an AMAZING job on my makeup, major props to her! When we set out you knew exactly where to go to really express my personality and compliment my outfits! I was afraid beforehand on looking too posed, but you explained how you'd like me to look natural, and your suggestions on how I sat or stood really reflected that. You put so much thought into everything and I could tell that you really cared about me and getting my pictures to look perfect! Thank you so much for everything, and I loved traveling the city with you!


I had another great experience with Heidi at my daughter's photo session for Senior pictures! Who doesn't love to see their daughter look beautiful?! Heidi knows how to bring out the best in combining outfit selections with awesome locations both in the city and in the country. We had such a fun day. If I had more kids, they'd all be having their senior pictures with Heidi. Wonder if she'll still be doing this when I have grandchildren!
Leeta's mom - Debby Gupta 


Thank you so much for such a great experience! It's hard to believe Carly is already a senior and everything we do together this year will be so special. Ashley did a beautiful job with Carly's makeup to begin the experience. It was so nice that you customized what Carly was thinking, what she had brought to wear and the location. What a great talent and eye you have for pictures!
Carly's Mom - Marnie


First off I would like to send my thanks again to Ashley for the beautiful makeup. Tonight at 11 pm, Malory still looks terrific! We had such a wonderful time today. We have prepared and been excited about this day for months and it was a better experience than we imagined! You have such an eye for the work you do. I truly loved every place you photographed her. You made this day so easy and relaxed. So glad we found you for this special moment!         - Judy, Malory's Mom


Thanks to Heidi and Leah for the amazing time Mattison had shooting her senior pics!! From the time she met Ashely who applied her personal line of professional makeup to the very end Mattison had a wonderful and most memorable time!! She trusted Leah with her fashion advice and Heidi's options for different places for her shoot to make her pictures unique and fitting for her personality!! You guys rock!!!  - The Perez family!!



I will never forget this experience. Your personality made me feel comfortable. You made me step out of my comfort zone and assured me that I looked right. I loved getting my makeup done and the different places you took me too! I wish I could do it again! 

I am so happy I got to experience my senior pictures with you! Your pictures are always so bright and colorful and that is what attracted me. First of all, it was very nice to not have to worry about doing my own makeup. Ashley did a wonderful job. She was very friendly and I liked how she went for a natural look. I thought it was awesome how you and Leah looked at my outfits and knew exactly where to go for each one. I loved how I never felt rushed like I thought I would. You made me feel very relaxed and comfortable. Thank you so much for making my senior pictures unforgettable! - Rylie


The instant I laid my eyes on one of your client's senior photos, I fell in love.  I ran to my mom and said "I have to have my senior pictures taken by this photographer. She's amazing!" And of course she made it happen. I was nothing but impressed by the way you worked with me and how fun you made this photo shoot for both me and my mom! I had high expectations coming into the shoot from seeing your work, but you definitely exceeded my expectations.  Any girl that experiences something like this will have a memory that she will never forget!  You were so bubbly and creative and you made everything feel so natural during the session and even during the down time traveling between locations! I loved your creative props and the effort you put into making each photo unique.  It was such an honor to be one of your clients.  You are by far the BEST photographer I have ever had!  


Thrive Seniors was a wonderful experience for both my daughter and for me!! What a joy as a parent to see such happiness and excitement on your child's face!  I always tell my sweet daughter how amazing and beautiful she is -- and I am certain that during her photo shoot with Heidi, she absolutely believed it!  Heidi truly captured Emalee's true spirit - her beauty on the inside was glowing on the outside! We had such a great connection with Heidi and because of it, Emalee was able to feel totally comfortable and have so much fun on at the shoot.  What a great time and wonderful memories!
- Emalee's Mom, Cheryl


Thank you so much for an awesome photo session, Heidi!  You met us with a positive attitude that continued throughout the entire session.  Your knowledge of all those special little spots for great photos was amazing! The fact that the clouds filled the sky, the intermittent sprinkles and even the heavy shower never dampened your desire for getting those last few shots and I feel this shows your commitment to your clients.  I also appreciated Ashley's beautiful makeup services on my daughter.  She enhanced Sammie's beauty without going overboard.  What a fun day!  - Shonda, Sammie's Mom


WOW, what a fun time we had at Madi's photo shoot!  Your professionalism and choice selection for every outfit was amazing.  You mad us feel so relaxed from the moment we met up.  Madi's makeup from Ashley was so beautiful and it was so nice not having to worry about doing it ourselves . We LOVED spending time with you and Megan.  Can't wait to see the pictures!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!! - Nancy, Madi's Mom


Thank you so much for going out and baring the heat with me yesterday!  I loved how quick we moved and how many different outfits, posing and backgrounds we got!  I can't wait to see them all soon!  My makeup was perfect, not too much and not too little!  I'm also very glad that I got my hair done.  It was perfect even after the curls fell out! I loved my opportunity to be in front you and your magic camera!  




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