Expect Fabulous!!

Expect nothing short of a fabulous experience and more fun than you can even imagine!  Our sessions include a pre-session consultation over the phone, on Facetime or in person, if you'd like.  Our Posh & Luxury Sessions begin with professional makeup with one of Kansas City’s best make up artists or a member of her team.  Thrive Seniors does not work inside a studio, limited to the same backgrounds and props over and over, but we choose instead to take advantage of the amazing colors, textures and beauty of our metro area. We will put together the perfect locations to match your style, personality and clothing. 

After your shoot is over, you will have a huge selection of images to choose from. Our editing is vibrant and beautiful and it is important to us that you look like YOU when we are done. You will look breathtaking and you will still have a nose, pores and your pretty face!  

Thrive Seniors won’t be everyone’s senior photographer...and that’s the way we want it! But, we’d love to be yours!  


Why Pro Make Up?


No stress for you! You will look amazing and feel confident & the most beautiful thing to photograph is confidence!


Make up for photography needs to be different than your everyday in order to photograph well. A pro knows exactly what to do.


Make up that lasts throughout your whole shoot.  You will look fresh because of the MUA's expertise.


Lighting and make up...you may not have considered it, but a MUA does.  It really does make a difference.


Using a licensed MUA means that your make up application is safe & sanitary. 


Perfect Makeup & Perfect Editing

You are beautiful. Flawless. Thrive Seniors strongly believes that who you are, right now, is beautiful. Capturing the real you is important to us. When your images are finished, you and your parents will see "you". You won't be thinking "these look nothing like me". We consider it an honor to capture this pivotal moment in time for you. You will not be a high school senior again and most likely, the next professional pictures you have taken will be your wedding. So, we want to get it right and blow you away.

Our editing style is vibrant and authentic.  We have mastered Photoshop over the last decade and Thrive Seniors has a reputation for producing bright, beautiful and flawless images.  We don't overdo it.  As you can see from our galleries, you will have flawless skin, but skin that looks real, not plastic or glowing.  Check out the before and after to see the difference.  

session prep

the experience

let your smile change the world but don't let the world change your smile.


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