Hi!  I'm Heidi Abbott, owner and photographer of Thrive Seniors. Thank you so much for taking the time to learn more about Thrive Seniors.   I have been so blessed to be working with Kansas City high school seniors now for 12 years!!!  Some of my first clients are now wives and mommas.  I cannot begin to tell you how much I love being a senior photographer!  Although I really enjoy being creative and taking the pictures, I think that what I love most about it is getting to know so many amazing young people and being an important part of their senior year.   It really is my heart's desire that your senior portrait session will be more than just an appointment, but that you will be left with lifelong memories of having fun, feeling beautiful (or handsome) and creating a special time with your mom or dad.   I know that as a senior you have a huge checklist of things that need to be done...so many deadlines.  My goal is that your experience with Thrive Seniors will be unforgettable. 

I have had a love of art and expression since I was a little girl.  My college degree prepared me well for my first job in advertising, but I soon left the corporate world for a world of babies & homemaking. When I reentered the workforce many years later, I had a new passion...Jesus.  I was blessed to combine my love for Jesus and and my love for art and design working at my church.  Eventually, my heart was pulled toward youth ministry.  It was the perfect trifecta...Jesus, teens and art...my job combined them all. Many years later, it was time for someone else to take on my roles at church and that is when Thrive Seniors was born.  I had no idea at the time if it would work or not, but I stepped out in faith and felt so thankful to continue my artistic work and also continue to work with teens.  10 years later and I couldn't be more blessed and thankful.    


meet my team

Ashley Nelson is my kick-butt make up artist!  This boss babe has been a highly sought after professional make up artist in the Kansas City area for twelve years and she knows how to make Thrive Seniors' girls look amazing!  Ashley is a highly respected makeup artist in the industry and her work has been published in magazines, videos and websites all over the nation.  She is licensed and certified and you will love her charming spa in downtown Overland Park.  Ashley is an innovator in the makeup industry and has created her own line of skin care and make up using all natural ingredients and free from chemicals and harmful ingredients.  If you choose our Posh or Luxury Session, Ashley is going to help you feel flawless for your session and has the expertise to know just the right application and colors.  She is also a beautiful and generous person and offers you discounts on facials and waxing prior to your session and will send you off on your photo shoot with a full sized lip color for touch ups and future use ($25 value)!  

We have your covered!!  You are going to look stunning!!

MEET my team


Really want to know who's behind the camera and what makes me happy?  This is a limited list.  Number One and Two are my unwavering, never gonna change, rock solid CAN'T LIVE WITHOUTS.

Number One...Jesus!  Nothing else even comes close.  He is everything.  I would not want anything else on this list without Him in it.  I am thankful every day for His grace and mercy in my life. 

Number Two...my family.  Man, did I get blessed with my college sweetheart and three amazing children. Now, I have a son in law to add to those blessings.  I have been married to Bryan for 30 years and my kids fill me with joy and pride.

Number Three...I CANNOT live without spicy food! I might be popping the Nexium, but mama's gotta have her salsa. 

Number Four...My adorable dog, Buddy! He is everyone's favorite Goldendoodle.  He is the most loving and personable dog in the world.  Buddy is so friendly and he would love to meet you! 


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life was meant for good friends and great adventures.


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