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Class of 2018! It is time for new seniors and fun senior portrait sessions.  Every year, I am so thrilled to be chosen by a select handful of high school seniors and their parents to document this huge year in their lives.  It is an honor to capture this moment in time and it is a lot of fun too!  I’m ready to start sharing Class of 2018 seniors and first off is the beautiful Clare from Blue Valley High School.

We had such a great day together!  Starting off with professional hair and makeup at Ashley Nelson Studio, it was a perfect day for a senior portrait session.  Clare started off in her favorite outfit: a pair of white jeans from American Eagle and a bright blue tank top from TeaElla boutique!  The blue was a great color on her!

Here’s a little glimpse at a look Behind the Scenes:

Clare senior picture Kansas City urban vibrant

We spent part of her shoot in downtown Kansas City hitting some of its beautiful spots.  I love how the downtown offers not just an edgy urban backdrop, but also beautiful places with style and simplicity.   Clare said that one of the things that she loved about her portrait session with Thrive Seniors was how easy everything was.  It seems to be a pretty normal feeling for most girls to be a little nervous before their senior pictures.  For most seniors, this is the first time they have had an extended photo session with hair, makeup, and wardrobe changes and they have been dreaming of this day for a long time.

Clare senior picture Kansas City | Loose Park rose garden\

A few fun facts – As told by Clare:

Something totally unique about Clare:

I am the worst speller in the world.

Her greatest achievement has been:

Getting through junior year with her GPA intact! (yep, that junior year is a hard one…smooth sailing for one more year.)

A perfect day:

Relaxing on a beach with a good crime novel.  (Sounds about perfect to me too!)

Senioritis level:

Just 5 out of 10.  (Makes sense since school hasn’t started yet.)

Her definition of beauty:

The expression of confidence. (Amazing answer!  Confidence is so much different than pride or ego.  It is an acceptance and love of yourself just how you are with your strengths and your weaknesses.)

Clare senior picture Kansas City Loose park bridge

Clare senior picture Kansas City urban dancer

Clare senior picture Kansas City urban

Clare senior picture Kansas City urban


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