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I’m back and better than ever, baby! LOL  Finally, the first of many upcoming blog posts that will be more on a more personal level or pertaining to the business of photography.   Over the winter I invested a lot of time and money in a new website and spent months pulling my design together.   To ensure that my new website was optimized, Thrive Seniors also hired an SEO company.  I am still working with on all of this.   I thought I knew a little bit about SEO, but quite honestly, I knew a minuscule amount.  Keeping up with the information they are sending to teach me and following their instructions and directions have me making a lot of changes.  Hence, more blogging from yours truly.

To be completely honest, I really struggled with keeping up with my blog over the past ten years.  Until last month, I hadn’t posted an update in two years.   The social media world is often more than I can keep up with most days.  I need to post to my blog, my Facebook, my Instagram, my Twitter…and what about Snapchat and live videos and it just keeps going and going.   I picture myself juggling about 10 plates and I’m not a good juggler.

After ten years in this industry and  50 years of life, I have learned that you do all you can with all you can. After doing that, you trust God with the results!   It is easy to get down on yourself and measure yourself against what you “see” everyone else doing on their social media platforms.  That’s not a wise idea and it will lead you to get discouraged.  I will do my best and have faith that it will be enough.

Another area I struggled with about blogging anything except sessions was just not feeling that I had much to share that might be of interest.  Heck, I don’t know if anyone even reads my blog.  LOL.   I guess now, after a decade in the senior photography industry, I have some things to share.  Perhaps sharing will help someone whom is just getting started.   I’ve been thinking about some posts that I can share and I hope that my sharing will encourage someone along the way.

If you are still reading at this point, thank you so much!  If there is a topic that you would like me to share about on the blog, please leave a comment below letting me know.  Until next time… xoxo – Heidi

Because every blog post needs a photograph:

pink roses in a mason jar


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