High School Seniors + Best Friends + Photo Shoot + Carnival = Amazingly Fun, Creative & Vibrant Photography

This was a special little project that I have had in the back of my mind for a couple years.  I needed a few components to come together though to make this special high school senior portrait session work.  1) I needed a carnival to be in town. 2)  I needed it to be here when I had an opening in my shooting schedule and 3)  I needed some fun and gorgeous high school senior best friends.  I finally got my wish!  I actually found out over the weekend that there was a small, and I do mean small, carnival in the parking lot of one of the local malls.  Thankfully, I have a daughter who is a Senior in the Class of 2013 and she has a wonderful group of fun friends who were up for the portrait adventure.  The only problem that we had was that it was super windy on the day we went.  Also, cotton candy is $4 each and one game is $3 each.  Dang!  No wonder they have an ATM machine available.  We had such a fun time and got some great pictures.  I will definitely be making some books for these best friends to have to remember their friendship and this fun photo shoot.


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